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Motoeuro to Spain in search of Africa Twin film locations and dusty tracks

Sit back, grab a beer and enjoy our 40 minute movie - Just click play....

Can 3 unfit middle-aged friends, on very heavy bikes, have a proper adventure? It’s NOT a holiday….

Our motorcycle adventure takes us to Canales Mountains, Sad Hill Cemetery (Good, Bad, Ugly Movie), Soria, Cuenca, Riopar, Hornos, Tiscar, Gorafe, the Gorafe Ridges, Granada, Almaria, Guadix, Miridor El Fin De Mundo, Sirerra Nevada, La Calahorra Castle, NASA Deep Communication Centre near Madrid, Toledo, Picos Mountains and more. Phew…. 2,700 miles from door to door. Honda Africa Twin DCT, 2004 and 2008 BMW R1200GS' :D